"Mary is one of those rare individuals who authentically heal heart, mind and soul by channeling energy and information from a universal dimension. My experiences in her care were accurate and specific to me, kind, nonjudgmental and soothing." Becky T, Otego, NY

Mary Bergen Healing

I have listed some of the most frequently asked questions I receive below. If you have a question you would like to ask that you do not see answered already, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to answer any and all queries.

How can I prepare for a reading?


It’s useful to come prepared with questions to be sure your concerns are addressed. If you desire connection with a particular loved one in spirit, it can be helpful in a quiet moment to invite them in advance to be with you in the session.

What can I expect in a reading?


Mary does a brief centering to start and then will receive impressions and guidance for you through her skills of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (knowing). Insights are shared about your current life situations, relationships, health issues, spiritual path or any other areas that come up with a focus on how you can best move past blocks or obstacles. Information from your guides and teachers is received. Mediumship is used to identify the presence of loved ones in spirit and receive their messages for you. It cannot be guaranteed that a specific loved one will present him or herself in the reading. You can ask questions at any time.  

     Although future oriented information will come up, Mary is not a fortune teller and does not have easy answers or winning lottery numbers! She can see likely future events based on current energy patterns and receives guidance to empower you to make better choices for your most fulfilling life. You always have free will in creating your own life experience.

Can I record my reading?


You are welcome to record your reading on your smartphone with voice memo app or on your recorder. Your phone session can be recorded through your computer or other recording equipment. It can be very useful to review the insights and guidance from a session at a later time.




How can a reading or healing be effective over the phone?


As quantum physics tells us, the universe exists in a “unified field” of energy which transcends boundaries of time and space. Simply put, this means that at a deeper level of reality, everything in the universe is interconnected. In a reading or healing by phone, Mary connects with the vibrational level of the person just as if they are in the same room together. Physical distance is no barrier to a successful session.



What can I expect in a healing?


During the session you are fully clothed and seated in a chair or lying on a massage table, whichever you prefer. Mary uses her hands in the energy field surrounding your body to assess and then balance and strengthen your field, your chakras (energy centers) and any particular areas of concern. You are likely to feel very comfortably relaxed while the healing energy does its work. Mary often “hears” and “sees” intuitive insights about your wellbeing that are discussed at the end of the session. 

Am I disturbing a loved one in spirit if I want to communicate with him/her?


No, not at all! As it can take quite a lot of effort for a spirit to come through, loved ones in spirit are often glad for the “opening” provided by the session to more easily connect with you than they might be able to in your everyday life.


Where are you located?


My location is in Hartwick with easy off street parking. 




Is it okay to have a healing while receiving medical care?


Yes, a subtle energy healing session is complementary to care from your health practitioner. It is not a substitute for medical care.

"Mary was amazing at the mediumship part. She really picked up on my dad (in spirit) and his personality." Mindy B, Rochester, NY


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