The sound session with you and these amazing instruments (especially the gongs!) was exactly what I needed to                       deal with all that is in my life right now. I am in a very stressed place,

           thank you for helping me find peace within it." CJ, Cooperstown

Mary Bergen Healing


In addition to working with individuals, I also work with groups. See descriptions below for more information.

To schedule an appointment, find a day and time that fits your schedule and either email me at or call by phone. I will reply quickly to confirm your appointment. I am available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. More openings may be available; call for details. I am happy to try to accomodate your schedule as best I can. If you have questions before setting up an appointment, feel free to call me first at 607-293-7934.



Psychic Reading

 In readings, I use a combination of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling) along with tarot card interpretation to provide insight and guidance on your life situations. Any current obstacles to progress are identified with hopeful and helpful options shared on how blocks can best be handled so you can move ahead in life with clarity and purpose. Using mediumship as a bridge between this world and the spirit world, I connect with your loved ones, guides, and teachers in spirit for messages of healing and growth.


Some of the most common reasons for seeking a reading include guidance on making a major decision, for intuitive support in everyday life, for spiritual insight or for connection with loved ones in spirit and for deepening your own intuitive skills. Whatever your reason for coming, you leave a reading feeling more connnected to your own knowing and more positively empowered to create your fullest life!


Readings are in person at my studio in Hartwick, N.Y. or by phone. 

Session is one hour/$65.



Vibrational Sound Healing:  private sessions 

    Healing with sound is an ancient method that is re-emerging now in modern healthcare,
especially to treat stress related conditions, for pain management, improved sleep and
relief of anxiety
. A vibrational sound healing experience is wonderful as an overall "wellness tune-up" for mind, body and spirit or as positive support to medical care. Many clients report a sense of expanded awareness, heightened creativity and intuition and spiritual peace.


    During a Sound  Healing session, you rest as large gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, kyzees and other sound tools are used to create deep harmonics and powerful overtones to facilitate profound relaxation, heightened consciousness and deep healing. As all healing is ultimately self healing, the sound vibrations serve to powerfully stimulate your own innate capacity for deep renewal. As Mary is a LilyDale trained psychic medium, intuitive information about your well being is also shared.        60 min   $65

   During a Higher Self Harmonics session, guided journeying, sound healing, toning and biofield therapy are woven together in an attunement session to upshift and condition your energetic pathways and deeply connect you to your own home frequency in a sustainable way.

This realignment with your True Self is especially helpful for anyone who seeks deeper inner connection or folks dealing with anxiety, depression and transition. Your energy system is recalibrated, leaving you feeling restored to your own core wholeness and more fully alive to your own inner wisdom.

Options: 30 min $45, 60 min $65, add to Reading for 90 min session $110




Interfaith Ministry

Individual or Group Session

As an ordained interfaith minister, I am available to conduct weddings, baby blessings, memorial services, house blessings and other ceremonies that can be designed together with the participants. Spiritual counseling is also available.


Call to discuss your needs and how I can be of service. Fee variable.

"Most important in my reading was the overall peace it brought me and being in touch with my mom in spirit. Mary is so on the mark--perfect!" Lisa D, Oneonta, NY

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Phone 607-293-7934

Hartwick, NY


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